Please allow us to introduce ourselves

uKagu Enterprise is a Canadian owned and operated company focused on offering Universities and Colleges with an extensive range of environmentally friendly stationery products. We have an unbeatable combination of experience, deep product knowledge, and a commitment to the success of our clients and our team.

As a buyer, we know it's not easy to change or in some cases trust a new supplier. We believe the products we are offering are the staples of any University/College Bookstore, and that our pricing structure, order quantities, outstanding quality, makes us worthy of your consideration of making that change.

Team uKagu has over 40 years of experience in the University/College market.


Darin Book, CEO, is well known and respected within the Bookstore industry; he has worked within our industry for over 25 years as the Associate Director at the Simon Fraser University Bookstore.

Our Graphic Design Team

Our graphic design team can assist you in creating a new or customized version of your school crest or logo.


We invite you to view our products and welcome you to contact us on how we can help your store maximize sales and profits!